XRF Machine

The EDX-7200 is a flagship model of the EDX series in pursuit of high sensitivity, high speed and high precision. This model supports new regulations and directives for consumer and environmental compliance, such as RoHS/ELV, REACH, and TSCA with full exclusive screening analysis kits.

  • ■Electrical/electronic materials
    • RoHS and halogen screening
    • Thin-film analysis for semiconductors, discs, liquid crystals, and solar cells 
    • ■Automobiles and machinery
    • ELV hazardous element screening
    • Composition analysis, plating thickness measurement, and chemical conversion coating film weight measurement for machine parts 
    • ■Ferrous/non-ferrous metals
    • Main component analysis and impurity analysis of raw materials, alloys, solder, and precious metals
    • Composition analysis of slag 
    • ■Mining
    • Grade analysis for mineral processing 
    • ■Ceramics
    • Analysis of ceramics, cement, glass, bricks, and clay 
    • ■Oil and petrochemicals
    • Analysis of sulfur in oil
    • Analysis of additive elements and mixed elements in lubricating oil 
  • ■Chemicals
    • Analysis of products and organic/inorganic raw materials
    • Analysis of catalysts, pigments, paints, rubber, and plastics 
    • ■Environment
    • Analysis of soil, effluent, combustion ash, filters, and fine particulate matter 
    • ■Pharmaceuticals
    • Analysis of residual catalyst during synthesis
    • Analysis of impurities and foreign matter in active pharmaceutical ingredients 
    • ■Agriculture and foods
    • Analysis of soil, fertilizer, and plants
    • Analysis of raw ingredients, control of added elements, and analysis of foreign matter in foods 
    • ■Other
    • Composition analysis of archeological samples and precious stones, analysis of toxic heavy metals in toys and everyday goods

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