• XRF Machine – ED-XRF for various applications like RoHS, ELV Testing and elemental range from C- U etc
  • Universal Testing Machines – Tensile, Compression and other material testing machine with range of 1N – 3000kN
  • Micro Vicker Hardness Testing machine – Machine with range from 1gmf to 2000gmf with options of Brinnel and knoop testing.
  • Glasswares, Beakers, Tubes etc.
  • X-Ray Inspection Machines to inspect Food, Metals, Plastics etc.
  • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer – Directly from Japan from Shimadzu
  • Moisture analyzer from Shimadzu Analytcal, Japan
  • Various Weighing balances – from Shimadzu and Essae-Teraoka Pvt. Ltd.
  • Touch Screen Spectrophotometer from PEAK Instruments
  • pH Meters from PEAK Instruments
  • Conductivity meters from PEAK Instruments
  • Dissolved Oxygen meters from PEAK Instruments
  • Portable colorimeter from PEAK Instruments.
  • Intelligent Stirrer from PEAK Instruments.
  • Xenon Spectrophotometer from PEAK Instrument
  • BOD fro waste water analysis from Lovibond
  • Thermostatic Incubators from Lovibond.
  • Vicker Hardness Testing Machine from FIE Engineering
  • Coating Thickness Gauges from Hitachi
  • Air conditioners (Make Bluestar, India): Full range of energy efficient & modern air conditioners suitable for industries and commercial establishments.
  • Safety PPE (Make Karam, India): Complete range of personal protective equipment PPE used in industry & fighting against Corona epidemic.

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