As a rapidly growing EPC business, fuelled by ever-increasing trust of our esteemed customers & business partners we invite you to explore this growth journey with us.

We are on a mission to take industry to the next level of professionalism and which require a great team. True meaning of greatness comes from learning the application of learning for overall development.

Our theme for making a world-class team is learn, perform & develop Be better than ever

Integral is a place where learning approach is preferred over knowledge, experimenting over SOP, ideas over hierarchy. This is not just about Human Resources, not just about employer-employee relationship, not just about wages & performance this is all about Growth partnership

We promise you that this growth partnership will be full of learning, challenges, development, success stories with great mentoring.

Career in Integral is based on following 7 key elements, which we always wants to see in any candidates during selection process after joining on regular basis.

Honesty in routine
Discipline & consistency
Faster & effective communication & team work
Take challenges/responsibilities to make a commitment
Flexible on approach but assertive on net results
Regular work planning focused approach for performance optimization
Strive for excellence

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